Learn This About Your Brain Today, Companies Are Using It

There is a famous saying, ‘we are not our thought, we are just observers.’

Imagine an imaginary app on your phone called Thought, and when you open the app, it shows you different things based on what it has shown you, and you have given attention to it in the past, be it negative or positive. You are the observer, and you choose what you provide your notice to, and based on that, the app will easily recommend similar things to you next time, giving you a personalized experience.

The human Thought is not too different from the app only that we don’t close or open anything thought is always there we have to choose what we give our attention to, and based on the type of Thought we entertain the most we will be getting such kind of Thought quickly without stress next time.

Instagram has been working hard to make the Explore page more personalized to each user.

When you tap to view your Instagram Explore page, it will look different than what may show up on your best friend’s explore page, because it’s tailored specifically to help you find new content that you’ll enjoy, based on what you already like to see on Instagram.

The algorithm understands your interest as you interact with the app over time, and one thing people love to spend their time on/with is something or someone that understands them or can distract them from their problem. However, they don’t use this perception, so they don’t trigger their conscience.

The algorithm is designed to show you your interest based on your past interaction with the app. So basically people get addicted to the app because they no longer have to stress themselves by scrolling longer before they find something that interests them, it has been put together in the explore page, that is just one of the addictive feature.

Now, if you start developing new interest on Instagram or someone else starts using your account, the explore page algorithm won’t adapt overnight. It will take some time, after which you will start seeing changes; the explore page will start showing up your new interest. You won’t have to scroll too far before you see something that entertains you.

The same thing with humans, whatever result you are getting today in any part of your life, shows where your energy and attention have been going to in the past. If in the past you have wired your brain to focus on the negativity in every situation, start now to consciously observe the positivity that any new situation brings, as time goes you will start having positive thoughts in situations without having to choose to consciously.

The brain can reorganize itself by forming new neural connections when needed. So at any time, you feel a certain way of thinking is no longer serving you well, you don’t have to resist the thought. The paradox is whatever you resist persist. All you have to do is to replace the idea with the one that serves you by consciously focusing on ideas that makes you a better human. Peace😊

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