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There is a famous saying, ‘we are not our thought, we are just observers.’

Imagine an imaginary app on your phone called Thought, and when you open the app, it shows you different things based on what it has shown you, and you have given attention to it in the past, be it negative or positive. You are the observer, and you choose what you provide your notice to, and based on that, the app will easily recommend similar things to you next time, giving you a personalized experience.

The human Thought is not too different from the app only…

We often say time heals and that’s right, but for those who actually feel like it's not healing their own past read on.

“My brain is only a receiver. In the universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core but I know that it exists.” — Nikola Tesla

A well-trained mind, that has devoted endless time to practice becomes like a pipeline sucking from an ocean, on the other hand, the mind that lacks training draws from the same ocean but with a sipping straw, not being able to interpret or comprehend fully the vast knowledge when being presented.

Discipline, patience, and consistency in practice are key qualities…

One of the most intriguing discoveries of modern science(since the ’90s and even possibly far back) is the fact that there is nothing in this world that approaches what might be called truly solid. We speak of solid, liquid, and gas, but those terms describe superficial rather than basic properties of matter. Now I know you might be thinking, what can I supposedly do with this information? …

The best things in life are the things we pay less attention to, pain is nothing more than a call to adapt. Every phase in life has its lessons and pain leaves once ignorance has been replaced with an understanding of those lessons.

To have authority over this world, you have to be in it and beyond it, for example, an app that has no server is stagnant and can never offer anything new. Now what do I mean by being in this world and beyond it, we have a body that is bound to the rules of this world…

I’m going to start this one by programmatically fixing a greeting problem; the point is I feel like greeting every of my reader that reads this, and also correctly at the exact time you are reading this.

So am going to say GOOD TIME, well, what is TIME? it’s a variable that holds whatever time you are reading this, that is your current time is the value, and the variable must be filled by the reader mentally by looking at the TIME at this time. So what is a variable?

The spiritual process is not a psychological process neither is it a mental process, but is an existential process, a life process that demands an individual to shift the focus away from “self”.

Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; A stranger, and not thine own lips. Proverbs 27:2

If a person thinks of himself or herself as smart it could be almost impossible for them to be quiet, and a fool is always known for their speech but a wise man is forever known for his silence.

The key to filling oneself with wisdom from the…

Are humans simulated? That's a little advance let's break it down, when we play a game, we know the character we choose to play as in the game is the one bound to the rules of the game design and left to him he can’t bend the rules, we the real players are in and out of the game and therefore could change the rules to fit our needs.

Note: To get the best out of this article one must read with an open mind, not believing or disbelieving but to entertain the ideas and see whether it holds any…

Apple has just unveiled there 2019 flagship iPhone lineup: iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone 11, I think by now we should be used to Apple’s funny flagship iPhone naming convention.

I will be going through the new features, the tech specs, and, importantly, the prices. The first thing we will be talking about obviously is the A13 Bionic chip, which Apple claims is the fastest CPU and GPU in a smartphone, Powered by 7-nanometer architecture, it packs 8.5 billion transistors into the package, compared to the A12 Bionic which had 6.9 …

Half alive doesn’t necessarily mean being in a subconscious state; the term majority of people are living half alive means they are only alive mentally and physically, so the other aspect that makes up a complete human being is dead.

Living half alive is torture, living bound to only the things in the reach of your physical senses is the worst way any human on earth can choose to live, and yes its a choice because so many people have in one way or the other chosen to reject the truth and to live by there senses.

Always, living partially…


Life In General • Live Long And Prosper

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